Become A Doula!

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to announce that it will be offering Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association training classes for community members who are interested in becoming hospital-based doulas.

DoulaHospital-based doulas are specially trained to offer comfort and support to mothers and their families as they bring their babies into the world. They also work with other hospital staff to ensure a positive birth experience for expectant parents. It’s an opportunity to support women and families during one of the most beautiful and important life events: birth.

Upcoming training sessions will be August 22 – 23 and September 19 – 20. No health care experience is necessary.

mother_baby.tifParticipants will learn comfort techniques for labor, including positions and movement; support for non-medicated and medicated mothers; the role and scope of practice; the natural birth process; practical experience and role-playing; affirmation and encouragement techniques; non-biased emotional, physical and informational support; hospital procedures for labor and delivery; positive communication skills; support for caesarean birth; and skills to support breastfeeding initiation.

For more information or to register, call (803) 791-2631 or email

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15 Responses to “Become A Doula!”

  1. Kathryn Dianne Boykin Reply October 28, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    Currently a volunteer but am interested in this program. Would like to know more about it.

  2. Interested in the doula training class.

    Thank You!

  3. Are there going to be any new classes offered soon?

  4. Had a few questions and was I was wondering if there were any more classes coming up soon!? I am very interested in becoming a doula. If this is hospital based, are you paid by the hospital and if so how much is your hr or salary rate?

  5. Christine Carroll Reply May 14, 2016 at 4:15 pm

    I have had five children of my own naturally and especially would like to work with women who want to use Lamaze. (I’m not against meds; I just did not use them.) Are there any such women left in the world?

    Also, I am 63. I’m pretty lively, so this wouldn’t wear me out, but would birthing mothers be more likely to want someone their own ages?

  6. I am interested in doula training. Is this still available?

  7. I am very interested in becoming a doula. Are training classes still available?

    • Hi LaDonia,
      Someone from other Mother/Baby unit will be reaching out to you by email with information on the next doula training class.

  8. Hello, wanted to know are you having any classes coming up to be a doula? I am very interested.

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