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Getting to know Dr. Castro – Part 2

Dr. Fernando Castro

Dr. Fernando Castro

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to welcome Fernando X. Castro, MD, to the hospital’s network of care. He joins Bryan Wolf, MD, Janie “Kaki” Bruce, MD, and Bruce Goeckeritz, MD, at Lexington Rheumatology.

Dr. Castro is a board-certified rheumatologist who completed his residency as well as a rheumatology and immunology fellowship at the University of Missouri and Harry Truman VA Hospitals in Columbia, Mo.

We recently asked Dr. Castro about the cause, symptoms and treatment of osteoporosis.

LMC: What are the causes of osteoporosis?

Dr. Castro: Some osteoporosis risk factors are age, smoking and chronic conditions. In general, patients 40 years and older are more susceptible to the condition.

LMC: What symptoms will patients experience if they begin to develop osteoporosis?

Dr. Castro: Osteoporosis usually does not result in signs or symptoms until you fracture or break a bone. That’s why it’s important to educate patients and focus on prevention.

LMC: How is osteoporosis treated?

Dr. Castro: Once the condition is diagnosed, we try to treat patients with medication to maintain bone density and prevent fractures. It is more important to prevent the condition with calcium, vitamin D and weight-bearing exercises before there are problems.

Dr. Castro is accepting new patients.

To learn more about Dr. Castro and Lexington Rheumatology visit or call (803) 936-7410 to schedule an appointment.

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