Archive | November 14, 2013

LMC Brings Same Day/Next Day Surgery to the Midlands

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to introduce Same Day/Next Day Surgery. This first-in-the-Midlands program gives patients a convenient option for surgical treatment. Consultations are scheduled daily with procedures performed that afternoon or the next morning at Lexington Medical Center or the hospital’s Outpatient Surgery Center in Irmo.

Same Day/Next Day Surgery includes procedures for melanoma, superficial wounds, soft tissue tumors, diagnostic procedures for muscle, temporal arteries and oncology, vascular port placement, and surgeries for gallbladders, hernias, breast cancer and anorectal conditions. Other procedures may also be available in Same Day/Next Day Surgery. Patients can talk about that with their doctor.

The Same Day/Next Day Surgery program is part of Southern Surgical Group, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice. For more than 30 years, Southern Surgical Group has specialized in addressing patients’ needs by combining comprehensive surgical services with compassionate care. Now, Drs. Raymond S. Fryrear II, Nicholas A. Limperos, and Ronald G. Myatich are offering Same Day/Next Day surgeries to continue to enhance patient care.

Same Day/Next Day Surgery offers many advantages to patients including lower overall costs, minimal wait time until surgery and less time away from work or family time in some cases.

Dr. Raymond Fryrear

Dr. Raymond Fryrear

“Same Day/Next Day Surgery keeps a patient’s time, expenses and care at the forefront,” said Dr. Fryrear. “Importantly, patients with a possible cancer diagnosis may no longer have to wait to be scheduled for a surgical procedure.”

For more information on Same Day/Next Day Surgery, visit Southern Surgical Group’s website. Or, call 803-936-8901.