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LMC Nutrition Services Director Earns Award for Innovative High School Program

Steve Howell accepts "Spotlight Award" from AHF board member Danise Cate in Miami, Florida

Steve Howell, Lexington Medical Center Director of Nutrition Services, has received a national “Spotlight Award” from the Association for Healthcare Food Service for an innovate program that employs high school students at the hospital. Mr. Howell received accolades this summer for the program’s valuable workforce training and positive community impact.

In 2011, Mr. Howell came up with an idea for Lexington Medical Center to hire Midlands high school students to deliver trays of food to patients in the hospital. The goal was to introduce the students to the work force, allow them to experience working for a good employer and develop a positive work ethic.

The high school program was an immediate success, receiving 50 applicants in one week. The students work four hour shifts during school-friendly times. Approximately 40 are currently employed. The students have received praise for the quality of their work.

“People underestimate what kids can do,” said Steve Howell, director of Nutrition Services at Lexington Medical Center, who created the program. “We truly give back to the community and what a better way than with our upcoming workforce. It doesn’t get better than that.”

The students undergo a mini-orientation with Human Resources before beginning work. Older employees have taken the students under their wing, allowing the high schoolers to interact with an established work force while earning a good wage.

Steve Howell traveled to Miami, Florida in June to make a presentation about the program and accept the Spotlight Award.
Students who are interested in applying for the program should contact Lexington Medical Center Human Resources at 803-791-2131.

The Doctor is In: Treating Snake Bites

Snake bites are a common worry during the summer in South Carolina.  Dr. Todd Crump, ER doctor at Lexington Medical Center, was interviewed in this story for WIS-TV on snake bites.  He explains what to do if you or a loved one suffers a bite.

Have a Safe Summer Cook-out – Keep Your Food Safe!

By: Donna Quirk, MBA RD LD
LMC Clinical Nutrition Manager

Its summer and it is time for vacations and get-togethers with family and friends.  With soaring temperatures, it is more important than ever to keep food safety in mind when planning that outdoor barbecue, pool party or day at Lake Murray.

So as you head outside, remember to:

  • Wash the grill and wash you hands before you start preparing and cooking food.  Bring moist towelettes or waterless hand sanitizer outside for everyone to use.
  • Avoid cross-contamination by washing tongs and other cooking utensils that touch raw meat before using them to remove cooked meat and other foods from the grill.
  • Don’t end up with undercooked meat by relying on your vision to determine if meat is cooked. Use a food thermometer.  Cook hamburgers to an internal temperature of 160° F and chicken breasts and legs to 165°F.
  • It is hot out there!  Don’t let food sit out for more than one hour in 90° or above temperatures.  Use a cooler filled ¼ full of ice or ice packs to promptly store foods after they are served.  Pay close attention to mayonnaise-based salads like egg, potato, and tuna salads.
  • Don’t use ice that was in a cooler keeping food cold in a beverage.  Ice may pick up bacteria from leaking food containers.

Enjoy your summer get-togethers, but also take a little extra time to plan how you will keep your food safe in this famous South Carolina heat.  By doing so, you will ensure everyone has a great day out!