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Baby Fair 2012

Are you expecting a baby? Are you about to be a grandparent? Do you know someone who is about to welcome a new bundle of joy? Lexington Medical Center has the perfect event for you.

Lexington Medical Center will host its tenth annual Baby Fair on Saturday, May 12th at Columbiana Centre on Harbison Boulevard from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Attendees can visit booths to learn more about services and products designed to make life as a new parent easier. There will also be a fashion show, giveaways, grand prize drawings, vendors, games including a diaper derby and Daddy diaper challenge, demonstrations, children’s activities and a play area.

Visitors can meet and speak with Lexington Medical Center doctors and other health care providers. So far, the following physician practices are participating this year: Carolina Women’s Physicians, Lakeside Pediatrics, Lexington Pediatric Practice, Lexington Women’s Care, Sandhills Women’s Care and Women’s Health and Diagnostic Center. In addition, representatives from Lexington Medical Center’s community classes for expectant families, our mother/baby unit and our hospital’s Doula program will attend. Health Directions, the health and wellness facility that’s part of Lexington Medical Center, will participate, too.

Lexington Medical Center provides comprehensive and compassionate care for women in all stages of life. Our Ob/Gyn practices are home to the latest technology and physicians who are ranked among the top doctors in the country. In addition, our hospital is consistently voted “Best Place to Have a Baby” by readers of Palmetto Parent magazine. Lexington Medical Center delivers more than 3,200 babies each year. And, Lexington Medical Center is home to an innovative Doula program that is the first-of-its-kind in the Southeast; a Doula is a birth coach who offers mothers comfort and reassurance during labor and delivery.

LMC Employees Donate $630,018!

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to announce that it has raised a record-breaking  $630,018 in its annual Universal Employee Fund (UEF) campaign.  During the past month, Lexington Medical Center employees have donated generously to the UEF, which designates resources for items and services that enhance patient care.  The UEF also assists hospital employees who are experiencing emergencies or severe hardships.

Within the community, the UEF supports the hospital’s Cancer Care Fund, which gives necessary supplies and services to oncology patients who do not have adequate financial resources during treatment.  It also funds nursing scholarships, medication vouchers for indigent patients, the mobile mammography van, exercise programs for cancer patients, the hospital’s Doula program and Cardiopulmonary and Vascular Rehabilitation programs.  Additionally, the UEF provides resources for the Partners Program, a summer internship offered to the best and brightest high school students in Lexington County who are interested in pursuing careers in health care.

Within the hospital, the UEF helps fellow hospital employees during catastrophic situations including house fires, natural disasters, domestic violence, life-threatening medical conditions and unaffordable funeral expenses.  In 2011, the UEF helped 52 hospital employees during such situations.

LMC held a luncheon for employees the week of April 17th to celebrate the UEF campaign. Here are some photos.

 You can view the stories of some of the people helped through the UEF by watching the video below. Hospital multi-media coordinator Stephen Wessinger composed original lyrics for a song that is sung by Kenyottia Gray, an employee in the hospital’s Emergency Department.

Week of the Young Child

by Donna Quirk, MBA RD LD
LMC Clinical Nutrition Manager

We are currently in the Week of the Young Child™, an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The purpose of the Week of the Young Child™ is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families.  This year’s theme is Early Years are Learning Years®.

Nutrition plays such an important role in a child’s normal growth and development.  Guiding a child to develop healthy eating habits increases the chances that they will maintain a healthy weight throughout life.  And finally, what fits so well with this year’s theme is how essential nutrition is to support learning.

So, here are some tips to help your child –

  • Toddlers need smaller portions than adults.  What’s a quick way to estimate?  Serve a tablespoon of food per year of age.  So a 2 year old should be served 2 tablespoons of the foods being served at a meal.
  • Emphasize whole fruits instead of juice.  Try melon balls, mandarin oranges, and frozen berries.
  • Whole milk is recommended only up to the age of 2 years old.  Choose low-fat milk or yogurt and reduced fat cheese after the age of 2 years.
  • Have a picky eater?  Relax and create a calm setting.  Limit distractions – turn off the T.V.  Provide regular meals and snacks.  Serve a variety of colorful nutrient rich foods.  Picky eaters may not eat perfectly every day, but over several days they do just fine!
  • Do not skip breakfast!  Eating breakfast helps school aged kids focus and concentrate better in the classroom and perform better on math, reading and standardized tests.

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