Archive | November 7, 2011

It is O.K. to Prioritize Your Organic Food Choices?

by Donna Quirk, MBA RD LD
Clinical Nutrition Manager

If you have decided to make more organic food choices, you may have experienced some sticker shock at the grocery store. Organic foods cost up to 50% more than conventional foods. This is a big deterrent for many consumers.

You can fit organic foods into your food budget by first determining what foods your family eats often and prioritizing your organic purchases around those foods. A cut of meat or a type of cheese purchased infrequently is not as high a priority as, say, apples packed for lunch every day. Then –

• Shop sales and look for private or store brand organic choices. Stock up on shelf stable and frozen organic foods when they are on sale.
• Buy local produce that is “in season”
• Pay attention to “use by” dates so food does not go to waste
• Buy in bulk instead of individual portions

Still not sure which organic foods to spent your food dollars on? Choose organic when buying the following produce because of high pesticide residuals –

Peaches Apples
Sweet bell peppers Celery
Nectarines Strawberries
Cherries Pears
Grapes (imported) Spinach
Lettuce Potatoes

And, finally, whether buying organic or conventionally grown produce, always wash your produce thoroughly under running water.

Next week – What are retail stores doing to help consumers identify and promote organic foods?