Archive | July 14, 2011

Losing Weight and Maintaining Weight Loss Require Different Strategies

by Donna Quirk, MBA RD LD
LMC Clinical Nutrition Manager

Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce

The weight loss success of the new Miss South Carolina, Bree Boyce, is an example of what can be achieved by healthy eating, getting more exercise, and adopting a “can-do” attitude. No fad diets, pills, potions, or gimmicks! Weight loss is achieved by eating less and moving more. It may take time but it is time well spent improving your health and well-being. I can’t think of a more worthy investment.

A recent study revealed that strategies that work during weight loss are different than strategies that work for maintaining weight loss. This is important because many people struggle to maintain their lost weight. He’s what the researchers from Penn State University learned:

Strategies Associated with Weight Loss are:• Participate in a diet program
• Look for information about weight loss, nutrition, or exercise
• Limit sugar intake
• Plan meals beforehand
• Think about how much better you feel when you are thinner

Strategies Associated with Maintaining Weight Loss are:• Eat plenty of low-fat protein
• Follow a consistent exercise routine
• Avoid skipping meals
• Reward yourself for sticking to your eating plan
• Remind yourself why you need to control your weight

For more information about the results of this study, click here.