Thank You, Danny Hugueley

We are paying tribute to Lexington Medical Center employees who have worked at the hospital for 40 years.

Danny will celebrate his 40th anniversary at Lexington Medical Center in May. He started working in the Emergency Room in 1971 and moved to Information Services in 1973. Throughout his 40 years at the hospital, Danny has noticed the most significant changes in technology. “The first hospital mainframe computer I worked on had 12,000 bytes of memory. The personal computer on my desk has 2 billion. There was also one computer for the entire hospital. You would be amazed at the technology advances in the computer industry and the way we do things at the hospital today.” Danny has continued to work at Lexington Medical Center because he believes that the hospital truly does care about its employees. A resident of Lexington County, he and his wife have two daughters and three grandchildren.

This month, Lexington Medical Center celebrates its 40th anniversary. We opened as a small county hospital on January 6, 1971. Today, we’ve grown into a modern medical complex with state-of-the-art technology and an unsurpassed culture of caring. Each day this month, we’ll share a story from our hospital’s history book.

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  1. Woo-hoo!! The big four-o!

    Congratulations. It’s great working with you.

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