A Leader in Women’s Services

Since it opened, Lexington Medical Center has built an impressive lists of “firsts” in women’s services:

-First hospital in the Midlands to allow Lamaze-trained husbands in the delivery room
-First breast center in Columbia accredited by the American College of Radiology
-First Midlands hospital to offer epidural anesthesia
-First area hospital to offer doula assistance during childbirth
-First hospital to introduce Kangaroo Care for premature babies

In 1984, Lexington Medical Center opened Women’s Hospital, which combined family centered maternity care, new facilities and comprehensive education courses that covered childbirth preparation, infant care and fitness during pregnancy. The Women’s Hospital also encompassed a variety of programs such as Kangaroo Care where parents are able to nestle skin-to-skin with their premature newborn, giving the tiniest newborns a way to bond with their parents.

A Lexington Medical Center Doula helps a patient in labor

Another example is the innovative Doula program in which professionally-trained doulas provide comfort and reassurance to women in labor. This program is the first-of-its-kind in the Southeast and serves as a worldwide benchmark.

“Our Women’s Services division provides holistic, high touch, compassionate care to women and their families. Women who experience childbirth at Lexington Medical Center select our facility because of the care they receive and the many options we provide. This truly differentiates us from others in the Columbia area,” said Nydia Harter, director of Nursing for Women and Children Services.

Continuing its commitment beyond childbirth, Lexington Medical Center opened the Women’s Imaging Center in 1985. This center provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and care in all areas of mammography and breast ultrasound including screening and digital mammography, stereotactic and ultrasound biopsy, breast MRI and MRI biopsy, and bone densitometry.

Four Women’s Imaging Center facilities and a mobile unit offer digital mammography, which can detect spots as small as a single grain of sand. It was the first breast center in the Midlands accredited by the American College of Radiology and the only Midlands hospital with Five Day Detection to Diagnosis for breast cancer. Under this program, patients are seen within 24 hours of detecting a lump and receive a definitive answer about the health of their breast within five days of detection.

This month, Lexington Medical Center celebrates its 40th anniversary. We opened as a small county hospital on January 6, 1971. Today, we’ve grown into a modern medical complex with state-of-the-art technology and an unsurpassed culture of caring. Each day this month, we’ll share a story from our hospital’s history book.

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