Archive | October 1, 2010

RUN FASTER! LMC Employees train for Governor’s Cup

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to be the title sponsor of the 2010 Governor’s Cup Road Race, featuring half marathon and 8K races in Columbia on November 13th. Our hospital enjoys events that encourage healthy lifestyles. Several Lexington Medical Center employees are training for the half marathon. We’re following two along the way. Between now and race day, our blog will bring you the stories of their training.

Here is the story of June Duggan, Anasthesia Services Manager at Lexington Medical Center.

I had not planned (trained) for the USMC Mudrun this year. It was a last minute acceptance of an open slot on a coworker’s team. I had done the event a number of years before on the old course. This course was new. This course was longer. This course had more obstacles. This course would be more fun! It was longer (0.3 miles) and a little more challenging. It had more mud and a much larger field. An estimated 14,000 people participated. Run, run, run, wait for the obstacle to clear. While you’re waiting, evaluate the risk to benefit (injury to challenge) ratio of each obstacle. You’re covered in mud. The poles, ropes and walls are covered in mud. “Get a grip” takes on new meaning. We lost our team captain to a broken foot early in the event and while attempting The Weaver I heard someone hit the ground. As the air was forced out of his lungs I heard a loud crack. I love EMTs, Gaitors and functioning ambulances on standby. The enjoyment of this type of event is always somewhat diminished by the logistics, or potential consequences, of participation. We had an awesome time! I had taken a rest day on Friday in preparation. Saturday’s Mudrun (a total of about 6 miles) was followed by an 8 mile run on Sunday. No broken bones or ambulance rides. Monday, being a cross training day, was a 10-12 mile bike at a recovery pace. I’m not sure what that means. Recovery pace. Is that a picante or salsa? Can I have tortilla chips with that? Tuesday morning I joined the group for a 6.6 mile hilly run. On Tuesday afternoon I met with my trainer. A few scrapes, a few bruises and a strong desire for a long nap. I know I nailed that workout! That’s what she meant when she said “I didn’t tell you to do the Mudrun”. No matter how long I’ve been active I still have to struggle to remember the simple logical rule. To grow you must rest.