Mid Life Celebration Features LMC as Model of Excellence

In a recent blog post and YouTube video, Mid Life Celebration highlighted Lexington Medical Center’s tradition of excellence. Jeff Noel, founder at Mid Life Celebration, was traveling through Columbia, SC when he noticed a billboard for Lexington Medical Center. The billboard pointed out that LMC had once again been selected best hospital in the Columbia Metro. Here was Noel’s reaction: “To be excellent once, or maybe twice, is a huge accomplishment. But to do it eight straight years, well, unbelievable.” To check out Noel’s blog post about LMC please go to http://midlifecelebration.com/2009/12/12/mid-life-celebration-on-you-tube/.

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3 Responses to “Mid Life Celebration Features LMC as Model of Excellence”

  1. Dan, thank you for sharing this. Lexington Medical Center deserves these accolades.

    Eight straight years! WOW!

    World-class. Congratulations. jeff 🙂

  2. I have read this guy’s stuff and it is very cool to be recognized by him. He actually writes five blogs a day, each one about a separate topic, but all very interesting and inspiring.

    jeff noel.com
    jeff noel.org
    jungle jeff.net
    Lane 8.org

  3. Isn’t cool that somebody actually noticed. We walk by, read, glimpse, get flashed, information all the time and how much of it do we actually notice. Mostly we ignore it and go on our way. Start noticing, start listening, start paying attention….it’s really cool.

    Sometimes the message is really amazing and worthy of praise. Congratulations Lexington Medical Center!

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